Shaiya Diavolo

Being bored and waiting for Dawn of Creation to let us back online for some more beta testing, i went on a wide search for servers that would let me level past 70. I can’t really explain why but i felt the dire need get a new and completely useless level.

After finding 4 servers that offered this, but weren’t online  in the end, i found Shaiya Diavolo. Believe me it was a long and winding road there and it didn’t end with just finding the website.

It’s a bit like with Mordor: You don’t just register into Mordor! To be able to play this very special server, that is english, although its makers seem to be german, you first register on their website. Not to the game, to the website. Only then you can download and get an e-mail address to mail to so they add your account manually.

Yes! Let me say it! In germany you register to register!

Registering on Diavolo

Registering on Diavolo - Part 1!

That said, Diavolo has a few more issues. You do get a level 35 set from item mall but from 60 up, it is really hard to level and on level 67 you suddenly get like 2% exp per mob in PR. No money for gatekeepers and no clue what to do will make solo players give up at that point. I did see a lot of people ask for powerlevel, so i guess it wasn’t only my poor little pagan stuck in PR:

A good way around this problem would be to have a decent leveling guide on the forums, but sadly no one bothered to do that. The server still is really populated and there are plenty of players on both factions to make your life really hard  while trying to gear up.

Blackmarket on Shaiya Diavolo

This Server does have plenty players.

Now you would hope that once you get to Kanos and manage to farm some gear, you’d be set to pvp. Forget it! The set for pvp is an edited level 80 set. This set will also get your HP high enough to cope with edited bosses that will otherwise 1hit you.

To get this set you:

  •  Get lucky at a MM
  •  Join a guild and hope they equip you.
  •  Donate.

Yes, the server does have dp/minute, which is why dualboxing or clienting will get you into serious trouble. However getting your set that way will take forever.

Conclusion: Good ideas & good setup, most drops on pvp maps. But if you don’t donate you will invest one hell of a lot of time, before you finally start being anything close to able to pvp. It does get a little tiring, linking up the third set of gear when you know that you will have to replace all the lapis soon enough with custom lapis anyway. Where you get them? Boss drops or donate.


My short experience in Shaiya Diavolo

This is a server I can’t write much about… I saw good and bad things, one thing is for sure though, I wouldn’t PvP in this server. Though it’s a great place to wasting time when you’re bored and just want to chill a bit and check out how’s the feeling to be level 80, though there was nothing new than regular EP5 besides edited mobs levels and bosses and adjusted to level 80.

I really wanted to check out this server a bit more but my stay there was forcefully ended by the GMs, or for shorter… they banned me on Day 3. This would mean a) retarded GMs or b) I am troublesome cheater/hacker/idiot but since I have quite the confidence and good opinion about myself I will stick to theory a) in this post. More about the ban later.

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